Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Links

The Penny Hoarder listed five weird ways to make extra money in college.

Beating Broke wrote about how frugality will change you.  An irrational love of ramen noodles does not top the list.

Flexo at Consumerism Commentary described how frugal companies will lose talented workers.  It turns out, if people are good at making money for a company, they expect to get lots of it back.

A post at Couple Money suggested that people are apparently eager to eat dog food in retirement because they keep cashing out their retirement accounts early.  Hmm...considering the fact that my dog is the most fit member of my family currently, perhaps I should start eating dog food now.  That's probably the best lesson to learn.

Katie at Girl with the Red Balloon encouraged us to lead by example.

Ashley at Money Talks pointed out some ways to be more productive when you work from home.  Personally, I prefer to be more reproductive when I'm working from home (giggity!).

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