Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Links

Here's what I been reading and enjoying over the last week.

You can win up to $1,000 over at Wise Bread.  I don't know about you, but I could sure go for winning up to $1,000.

The author of Well Heeled Blog discussed what losing weight has taught her about money.

Andrea at So Over Debt gave her reasons why she turned down a part time job.

Annabelle from Shopping Detox is in print.  Literally!

I am so jealous of how much the author of Money Beagle was able to get done around the house in February!  Would that I were so motivated!

Lindy from Minting Nickels brainstorms some ways she could make extra money if she needed to.

Emily at Cash Money Life described the five worst money mistakes married couples make.

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents opined on a similar topic.

Finally, Welcome to the Official Kickstarter Page for Greece!


Andrea said...

Thanks for the mention, Bryan! Have a great weekend!

Bryan said...

Fo sho, Andrea! I hope your weekend will see many fewer tornadoes.

Jeremy @ Modest Money said...

It's amusing that I keep coming across all of this couples/money advice just after finances played a role in my girlfriend and I breaking up. I guess we should've done the research to make it work.
Enjoy the weekend Bryan.

Bryan said...

Hahaha...while I'm sorry for your breakup, your making light of the assumption that if couples do certain things they will stay together that is implicit in such lists is pretty funny.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link! I'm riding the wave of local famousness here... luckily, I usually wear glasses so it's like a Clark Kent/Superman situation so I'm not accosted too frequently by the paparazzi.