Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm a Day Late and a Dollar Short with Borders

A few months ago, hearing about Borders' slow downfall, I opted to buy into their Borders Rewards program. I figured if I spent a little extra money, maybe that would help the company from shutting down.

We all know how well that worked out.

However, the perks of my paid membership were that I received a certain percentage off of whatever I bought, and I got a coupon book. Probably the best coupon was for a free book (up to a $30 value). Since I only paid $25 for the membership, I thought for sure I would end up slightly ahead in the deal (arguments about the "worth" of books aside).

Flash forward to a few weeks ago when Borders announced it was going bankrupt. Not wanting to lose out on the "perks" that had been granted to me, I rushed to the store for my free book, only to find a sign that read:

"No coupons will be accepted at this time. No exceptions."

Well jab me in the eye with a tuna fish can and call me Susan.* That blows!

In general, though I buy a fair amount of books, I shy away from the membership programs that bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Borders have offered because I don't want to be out the extra $25 right away. Also, and I suppose this is the point, I feel obligated to purchase from that store after I sign up for the membership.

While I couldn't have, at the time, known that Borders would go bankrupt, my buying the membership program with Borders sure ended up like accidentally dropping a piece of toast butter-side down.

Have you ever signed up for some similar program, only to face it being a super-awful idea due to actions outside of your control a little later?


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