Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Open Letter to Charmin RE: The Charmin Bears

Dear Charmin,

Advertising is supposed to make me think about your product in a positive way. While I appreciate that you, Charmin, have attempted to bring an air of cuteness to a problem (apparently) facing a large amount of the American people, the idea that you are making me think about dangling detritus left over from digging* out dung is, at least, disheartening, if not deeply disturbing.

Further, this ad series kind of makes me want to hunt the Charmin Bears with a high-powered assault rifle from a helicopter (this being, of course, the American Way).

Please knock it off, and know that I go out of my way not to purchase your product.

Love, Bryan.


Update 09/20/2011:  Slate did an article on how bears came to be associated with toilet paper.  It's an interesting read.


Unknown said...

OK, and now I'm thinking about dangling detritus. Thanks a bunch. I'm actually quite impressed with what Charmin is able to get away with in these commercials. If you have cute animated bears, they can talk about anything really.

Bryan said...

In a way, they're similar to the hard-hitting lessons I learned as a child from the Berenstain Bears. I think the authors of those books missed out on making some money. Imagine: "The Berenstain Bears Survive the Titanic" or "The Berenstain Bears in Helter Skelter."