Friday, October 14, 2011

Best and Worst Jobs - Yakezie Blog Swap #12

(This post is by Kay Lynn Akers as part of the Yakezie blog swap #12. Kay Lynn writes about money and life on the way to retirement at Bucksome Boomer (which is where you can read my post on the same topic).

Spacewalking Astronaut John Grunsfeld

Certain jobs seem really great. Play time as kids might have included pretending we had those careers. We wanted to be astronauts, movie stars and rock musicians. The only one of those I had a real shot at was being an astronaut and science courses didn't appeal to me. My perspective's changed over time and now I think more about the traits of the ideal job versus the actual role.

Traits of the Best Job in the World

1. High Pay: The best job would result in an income high enough to live well and save for the future.

2. Flexible: Having the ability to control your own schedule makes a big difference in job satisfaction. Being able to start your day when you want is why lots of people like their job.

3. Fun: I know there's no job that is fun 100% of the time, but it's got to be fun most of the time! Life's too short to not enjoy it.

4. Self-Directed: Just because a job is flexible, doesn't mean you control what you do and when. Being able to determine what you will work on and when is imperative.

5: Challenging: I want a position that makes me think and grow. Working in the technology field gives me that on a daily basis. All these criteria add up to the job of Entrepreneur. Starting your own business can give you all of the above plus more. It's the best job in the world.

Worst Job in the World

The opposite of the above traits makes for a pretty bad job. Add an unpleasant work environment to it and it's a contender for the worst job in the world. If you've watched the TV show, Dirty Jobs, you know about some of those roles. Cleaning out septic tanks, collecting garbage, and more. But there's dignity in honest work no matter how hard or awful the job. The worst job in the world is not having one when you want it. Yes, being unemployed is the worst job! It's never too late to think about giving yourself the best job in the world; being your own boss.

What steps are you taking to have the best job?


Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey said...

Great post Kay! I think for me, an important trait in the best job in the world would be for me to help in growing a business/creating products. That is very rewarding to me.

Kay Lynn@Bucksome Boomer said...

Jacob, that's a good point about a great job. I've had the good fortune to help a business grow and develop new products in my current job. It's a software company and it's been fun to see the products change over the years (think DOS to browser-based.

Bryan said...

Thanks again for the great post, Kay Lynn!

Jim said...

I couldn't agree more! I'd like a job having these traits, please. I think having your own business and freelancing would satisfy them. Was I mis sold PPI