Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Links

FinCon last week must have bumped up lots of folk's game because there have been a plethora of thought-provoking posts in the last few days.  Here a handful that caught my eye.

Punch Debt in the Face has an article about how investing in your 401K can be a better option than paying down debt.  This actually gave me an idea for a new blog that I should start.  I want to call it: "Letting your 401K Punch your Debt in the Face Instead of You Directly Having to Punch It (in the Face)."  I think it really rolls off the tongue nicely.

My Multiple Streams wrote a good reminder about the evils of debt, with particular emphasis placed on how much mortgages really cost.

Mr. Money Mustache posted his opinion on how long commutes are keeping people in the U.S. and Canada poor (albeit, not as poor as if these people didn't have jobs to commute to in the first place).

It's been rainy down here in San Diego these last few days, which had me begging the heavens for mercy and direction.  Fortunately, after apparently hearing my pleas, WiseBread listed 25 productive things to do on a rainy day.  Among the items not listed is crawling through a sewer pipe to escape from prison.  Boy, ole' Andy Dufresne had a few things figured out, didn't he?

Are you confused by the Occupy Wall Street Movement?  Particularly inasmuch as they haven't listed specific demands?  Luckily for you, Money Beagle has shared a few thoughts on the protests.

Finally, Broke Gal in NYC (via CreditKarma) shares a little bit about herself and gives some ideas for how young people can stay afloat during these rotten economic times.


Jeff @MyMultipleStreams said...

Thanks for the inclusion! and some other great links for my morning ipad reading :)

Bryan said...

For sure, my man! Enjoy your reading!