Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Professional Goals: A Theatre Update

I got word back a few days ago that I had received an understudy part at a local (though very well-regarded regional) theatre.  While I was, admittedly, hoping to get an onstage role, I'm pretty happy to be able to get my foot in the door with this company since I think they do great work.

As a side perk, this is a straight play (as opposed to a musical).  While I love doing musicals,* my resume is fairly lacking in terms of non-singing roles, so I hope that I will be a more attractive candidate in future auditions due to this part.  There's also the small matter of the fact that I'll be getting paid for my involvement, and it's just gee-golly-gee-whiz-super-whiz-bang-terrific to get paid for doing something that you love.

I'm glad to back making money from a side-hustle that I love doing.  Here's hoping this is a good next step towards making theatre a full-time hustle.

*If you're interested, you can see/hear me singing here in a production of Godspell a few years back.**
**That's right, it's on Myspace, AND I totes misspelled/used a wrong word in the description.  Want to fight about it?

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