Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Links

Always the Planner featured a guest post about how to stay in shape while not spending a bunch of money.  I figured this post would be about, you know, not eating, but I was pleasantly surprised when it was more helpful than that.

J$ wrote an article about how the Green Bay Packers have started selling more team stock.  Why anybody would want to make a soup that tastes like the Packers is beyond me.

Kay Lynn Akers asked the question, "Are you piddling away your money?"  Mostly, I poop mine out, so this didn't really apply to me.

Couple Money had a post that considered the financial and academic benefits of going to school online.  None of these benefits included the money you could save by no longer needing to buy clothing or personal hygiene products.

Hank Coleman wanted us to consider how much money we spend on our vices.  I don't live in Miami, so, again, this isn't a problem for me.

My Multiple Streams considered AT&T stock as an investment.  To use my joke from above, I'm not sure why anybody wants soup that tastes like cell phones, but who can really tell?  Also, AT&T can suck it!

Punch Debt in the Face revealed how the author lost the money he had gambled while he was on a recent Vegas trip.  Psh, like losing $20 really proves that gambling isn't a profitable money-making scheme.

Jeffrey Kluger suggested that instead of levying a "sugar" tax on consumers of soda, the tax should be on the producers of soda, thus encouraging them to develop and sell healthier alternatives.  I suspect prices would just creep up, but what do I know?

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