Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Links

A broken link on the internet? Sad face!
The Centsible Life had a great post on what items are best to buy in December.  I thought it was curious that scotch was missing from the list until I realized that there is never a bad time to buy scotch.

Cordelia Calls It Quits! posted 10 ways to know you're on the right track in life.  As usual, the article is thoughtful and inspiring.  I keep hoping she'll phone some posts in so the rest of us don't look so bad, but she never does.

Posting at Yakezie, the Financial Samurai encouraged us to press on even if we momentarily feel dumb.  Heck, I feel dumb every moment, and I keep going!

Well Heeled Blog celebrated a still-running warhorse of a 16 year old, 250,000 mile-having car.  When the zombies attack, I'm totes stealing a mid-nineties Honda Accord, y'all!

So Over Debt wrote about how toys are the biggest money pit ever.  As a 29 year old man who still buys toys from time to time, I am in total agreement.  My solution?  Outlaw children.  And 29 year old men.

Farhad Manjoo at Slate suggests that, instead of helping to foster a literary community, independent booksellers are actually detrimental to the arts community when compared to buying from Amazon.  He suggests that if you can buy a book from Amazon at half the price of an item at a brick and mortar store, but choose to buy the overpriced book in person, you're foolishly spending money that could be used to promote other artistic endeavors (read: going to plays).  This one is worth a read.

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