Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Links

Shopping Detox compared the cost of purchasing all the items in the song "The 12 Days of Christmas" with the cost of purchasing all the items in Destiny's Child's song "8 Days of Christmas."  As much as I loves me some lords a-leaping, I don't think I'll shell out $24 grand for the whole package.

The Digerati Life shared some links to free ebooks on financial topics

Bookshop Blog wrote about what books to buy and what books to avoid when you own your own bookstore.  Spoiler alert: it turns out only buying what you yourself enjoy reading is not a sound business practice.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff gave some advice on what to look for when purchasing second-hand books.

Debt Black Hole asked how much do you spend on your geek collections?  I figure purchasing geeks is a pretty good investment (13th through 15th Amendments be darned!), so I actually spend quite a bit.  Oh the databases I can demand on demand!

Cash Money Life wrote about how small decisions add up, particularly in terms of purchases.

Finally, The Consumerist shared a Nielsen study that shows which television shows were most egregiously using product placement.  I mean, are they even really drinking Coke on Americas Idol?  Also, I was surprised Bones wasn't on the list as the last episode I watched seemed to basically be an advertisement for some car.


Unknown said...

Thx for the link-up! I would also add to that post about not buying only books you like for your store; not buying only books you like for your library. People like different stuff, and not everyone is happy with a huge selection of teen chick lit. You should probably put some Harlequins and true crims in there, too.

Bryan said...

I agree. It is a pet daydream of mine to own a bookstore, but that article made me realize that most of the reason that I want to do that is so that I could be surrounded by books that I liked. Obviously, it's not a good decision for a book store or a library to be run that way.