Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Links

Wrong type of Link...
Kind of terrific tattoo though.

In celebration of it being Friday, here are some links to articles that I've enjoyed over the past week or so.

Annabelle at Shopping Detox expanded on her plan to get rid of her overdraft protection (and also posted some pretty amazing-looking panda sushi [clarification: it is not made from real panda meat]).

The new staff writer at Get Rich Slowly wrote a very thoughtful piece about humiliation in financial situations

I wrote an guest piece over at Budgets Are Sexy about my (very) part-time side hustle over at Fiverr.

Kelly at Cordelia Calls It Quits featured a fine essay on how you need to break in order to grow.  And all this time I've been thinking that I needed to check myself BEFORE I wrecked myself.  Good to know.

Miss T. at Prairie Eco Thrifter listed some ways in which you can give to charity without spending money.

Finally, over at Credit Karma, there was a list describing how nice guys should haggle.  This would have been awesome to have read a couple of weeks ago when I was negotiating on the cost of framing a couple of things (a signed playbill and some Disney artwork).  When I didn't get my price, I burned the place down.  That wasn't very nice.

Photo by MattGrommes


Cordelia said...

Thanks for the link love, new buddy! No need to wreck yourself totally, just a little bit. Word. :D

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shoutout!