Monday, September 19, 2011

Opportunites Can Be Made Indirectly

Tonight, I have an audition with a local theatre company that I've been trying to get my foot in the door with for years.  They do excellent work, and pay their non-union actors (read: me) pretty well.

However, I didn't get this opportunity directly through any thing I did.  When I responded to the listing via email (as they requested), I didn't get a response from them.  I figured they had a lot of other people respond, so I didn't take it personally.

So how did I end up with an audition tonight?

Several years ago, I made friends with another actor.  He and I have worked together on at least one other play since then, and we think well of each other.  About a week ago, this actor was having a conversation with the stage manager for the theatre in question, and she stated that she was looking for more character actors to audition for the show.  My buddy recommended me, and the next day, she called me to set up an audition time.

Remember, I didn't get a call when I submitted my headshot and resume online; I got a call when a friend put in a good word for me.

Now, obviously, just getting an audition does not an acting job make, but the more opportunities that I have to be seen, the more opportunities I have to get jobs, and the closer I can get to, perhaps, working in the theatre on a more full-time basis.

I might get a foot in the door over there yet.

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