Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chase, or How I Love Technology

A couple of weeks ago, I complained about how Chase made it difficult to make payments towards my credit card.  While I still think that that is a lousy policy on their part, there is another aspect to their banking that I really enjoy.

When I got my iPhone, one of the first handful of apps that I downloaded were banking apps, and, for those who don't know, the Chase Bank app does something pretty nifty.  It lets me take pictures of my checks and it automatically deposits them.  I don't have to go into my branch anymore.  While I don't receive a whole lot of checks in general (my paycheck is directly deposited across three accounts), when I do receive the odd check, being able to use my phone to deposit it is terrifically convenient.

What can I say?  I, like Kip, love technology.

As far as downsides, probably the main one is that if you don't take a very clear picture of the check, the app won't accept it.  This can be maddening after a couple of tries.  However, and maybe I'm just getting better at it, but the last few times I've deposited checks, the first picture that I've taken has worked.

The only other downside is that I, irrationally, feel like I need to hold onto the physical checks after I've deposited them (in case Chase runs an audit or something).  I'll have to recheck Chase's terms, but holding onto these is probably a bad plan, as it will be difficult in the future to remember which checks I have and have not deposited.  I'd hate to get charged a fee by trying to deposit an already cashed check.

How about you?  What technological methods do you use to make your financial life easier?  Let me know in the comments.


The Atlanta Atheist said...

USAA also allows me to deposit checks using its app - I use Android - and USAA says to write VOID across the check. You could do that to keep them separated from undeposited checks. And like you and Kip, I also love technology!!

Bryan said...

That's actually a pretty great idea (and easy). I'll go through my checks and do so.

Thanks for stopping by, Joshua!